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April 2014, To all our Valued Customers:

We regret to advise that we are no longer selling HP Calculators.  Due to supply chain politics and wholesale pricing our business is no longer in a position to be financially viable.  This website remains online for historical reasons of what was once a great online reputation.

Our Surveying Software for the HP33S, HP35S, HP48, HP49 & HP50 we are continuing to sell via our eBay Store:

Ok, we understand you still need a HP Calculator?  Where should you Buy from?  Who can you Trust?  There are many Dishonest people on the Internet.  Are you 100% sure that where you buy from you'll actually receive the product you paid good money for?   For a Cheap alternative from a Highly Reputable and Respected international seller which we have personally dealt with we Highly Recommend: ( 
Customer Service, Backup Support, and Delivery Timeframes are similar to other Local Australian Sellers!  Why take the Risk to Buy Elsewhere?  We are one Reputable Business giving High Recommendation to another Reputable Business.  The choice is yours.

We wish to take this opportunity to personally thank all our customers we have had the privilege to deal with over the last 14 years it has been a pleasure.

Australian Cadastral & Engineering Surveying Software for the HP48, HP49 & HP50

Dedicated to Cadastral Surveying. Includes a basic Engineering Module and an advanced Level Reduction Module

  • Written by an Australian Registered Surveyor

  • Program development since 1992

  • Fully tested & 99.9% Bug Free

Certificate of Registration as a Surveyor 2004

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Close Module:

  • The Close Module consists of data entry similar to the HP41 [R/S].

  • Data Entry operates from the stack environment that prompts for either the next bearing or distance with line number and last entry for reuse all in the large 7-line display.

  • Calculate coordinates of traverse at the same time.

  • Apply datum shifts, linear conversions and angle summations (reverse bearing, add 90 degrees, subtract 90 degrees) during data entry while checking miscloses at any time.

  • Close Module includes data storage, deletion and editing capabilities from a 2D matrix at any time.

  • Calculate Unadjusted areas, Bowditched adjusted areas, Angular misclose, 2 missing distances, 2 missing bearings, Missing bearing and distance in different lines, Cut area by two methods (3 unknown distances or one unknown distance and bearing and distance).

  • You can add calculation solutions to the end of the current matrix.

  • The current matrix can be bowditched by either a closed traverse or between two fixed coordinated points.

  • The current matrix can be coordinated and then plotted to the screen.

  • A print menu is available for headings, current matrix bearings and distances, traverse details and adjusted areas, coordinate listing & plot.


Coord Module:

  • The Coord Module consists of a Tools menu with Job, File and Data storage capabilities.

  • Calculate bearing and distance between two fixed points.

  • Calculate a new East and North from a fixed point by bearing and distance.

  • Calculate East and North by an intersection of two straight lines from four fixed points.

  • Calculate East and North on a straight line between two fixed points.

  • Perform Reference Line calculations.

  • Setout a distance from calculations using Setout Mode.

  • Convert a coordinate matrix from Close Module for use with Coord Module.

  • Upload a TXT file from a computer and convert to points.


Utils Module:

  • The Utils Module consists of a Road Secant program with multiple road widths.

  • Truncate a boundary with any number of chords with Boundary Truncation program.


Level Module:

  • Enter level book data direct from a level book with Backsights, Intermediate and Foresights.

  • The program can also allow for un-even change points between forward & reverse runs.

  • Calculate total of backsights and foresights.

  • Calculate rises and falls.

  • Calculate total of rises and falls.

  • Calculate Unadjusted Reduced Levels.

  • Calculate Adjusted Reduced Levels by a Double Level Run from 1 Bench Mark.

  • Calculate Adjusted Reduced Levels by a Single Level Run between 2 Bench Marks.

  • Calculate Adjusted Reduced Levels by a Double Level Run between 2 Bench Marks.


Setup Module:

  • Toggle Auto Metres or Auto Links.

  • Set display of misclose, from start to end or reverse.

  • Change datum correction values.

  • Choose between the HP82240A or HP82240B infrared printers.

  • Toggle printer for print output off or on.

  • Set display FIX for global changes, or applied to bearings, or applied to distances.

Data Storage for all Modules is dependent only by the available free memory on the calculator.


Licence Agreement

The GEOCALC program is sold as is and on the condition that it is not resold or given away to a third party. Ownership is given solely to the purchaser and is not transferable.

Computer files supplied on the CD are not to be copied or stored in any electrical form such as a PC. The purchaser is permitted to create a copy of the supplied CD to a blank CD for backup purposes and for exclusive use by the purchaser only.

Registered versions are for use by the Purchaser/Business or it's agents only and remain the property of the Purchaser/Business.

  • The Registered Version of the Geocalc software is supplied on a CD-R.

  • The Geocalc Users Reference Manual is supplied in electronic format on the CD-R.

  • To install the software you will need access to a Personal Computer with a CD-ROM drive and a HP serial interface cable or SD Flash Card.

Software that is licensed in a Personal Name

is limited to one person.

Software that is licensed in a Business Name is licensed

per office and can be used on any number of

HP calculators and is NOT limited to one person.

  • Software that is licensed in a Business Name is intended for use by staff within the business only.

  • This agreement does not permit any unauthorized distribution to 3rd parties outside of the business under any circumstances.

  • This agreement does not permit registration to newly formed or bogus business names and condones any form of group buys.

 Software Registration:

If your software is to be registered under a Business Name, please supply your Business Name during checkout.

Registered versions will be personalised with your User Name/Business Name and User Number embedded into the programs library and into the User's Reference Manual.


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Geocalc Software v3.1B (SKU: GEO3.1B)Geocalc Software v3.1B (SKU: GEO3.1B)Australian Cadastral & Engineering Surveying Software for the HP48G+, HP48GX & Android Devices with a TouchScreen.
Geocalc Software v3.2 (SKU: GEO3.2)Geocalc Software v3.2 (SKU: GEO3.2)Australian Cadastral & Engineering Surveying Software for the HP49G, HP48GII, HP49G+ & HP50G.
Geocalc Software v3.2 & v3.1B Combo (SKU: GEO3.2/3.1B)Geocalc Software v3.2 & v3.1B Combo (SKU: GEO3.2/3.1B)Australian Cadastral & Engineering Surveying Software for the HP48, HP49, HP50 & Android Devices with a TouchScreen (Combo).

I have received the GEOCALC software and I must say it is a wonderful programme, so logical in its set up and very user friendly. Congratulations on such a great product. It is just as easy to use as the old HP41CX I was used to using.
Paul Stapleton

Software Reference by Robert Lago - Licenced Surveyor

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